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Sam was born in 1989 in Nottingham, and from the age of five grew up in Dorset, United Kingdom.  From a very young age he thrived for adventure and always had a passion for mountain biking and skateboarding.

At the age of 14 he learnt to rock climb, thanks to his Dad.


BASE jumping instructor

Wingsuit BASE jumping instructor

Aerial BASE Cameraman

Wingsuit Coach

Tandem Master

Skydiving Coach

SPA Climbing Guide

UKCC Level 2

4* White Water Guide

4* Sea Kayak and Canoe Guide

Raft Guide


Between the ages of 16 – 19 years, Sam started to compete in rock climbing in the UK, as well as big wall climbing in France.

He joined a white water rafting team in Africa, travelled to Nepal to participate in kayaking, as well as Bulgaria for snowboarding, and Mombasa for sea kayaking.


Wingsuit Coaching and BASE Jumping

Videographer Skydiving & BASE Jumping

Motivational Speaker


After attending a motivational talk by Tim Emmett about skydiving and BASE jumping, Sam’s eyes were opened to a world of new possibilities.

Realising that he could fulfil his passion for the outdoors whilst simultaneously pushing himself further than ever before, Sam decided that this was what he wanted to do with his life and he started to follow his dream!


Sky dives


BASE jumps


Countries jumped


At 21 Sam went to Portugal to start a BASE jumping course which dramatically changed his outlook on life and has given him a love for this incredible sport.

For the past four years Sam has been travelling between Europe, Mexico and the USA, pursuing his love for BASE jumping, wingsuiting and skydiving.

Today he is flying technical wingsuit terrain, flying video for wingsuit, BASE jumping, and teaching others how to skydive.

The Road to KL


A short film by Dave Robson in partnership with Prime & Fire Selects, Talenthouse and BFI Future Film.
This documentary focuses on Sam as he prepares for the biggest base-jumping event in the world.